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How to cope with bad-tempered elderly parents

Home Care PerthManaging elderly parents can be challenging and emotionally trying for many reasons. Most of us have compassion for the adult children who are dealing with a parent who has dementia, frailty, or life-threatening health conditions that are outwith anyone’s control.

But very little is ever said about the bad-tempered parent. The one who criticises the very people who are working hardest to care for them. The one who never shows any gratitude. The one who expects to be waited on, hand-and-foot. Worse still, the elderly parent who is suspicious and distrustful. Continue reading →

Comparing aged care options – what’s best for your loved one?

in home care

Platinum carer helping elderly client

Many people make the assumption that residential aged care facilities are the primary choice when considering options for the future care of their ageing loved ones. Certainly, for some elderly people, in particular circumstances, residential care is likely to be the best or only workable solution: there may be, for various reasons, a need for indefinite, round-the-clock nursing care and security. However, for many more, older people, this is simply not necessary. Furthermore, the loss of independence and the often dreary institutional environment can promote depression and poor health. Continue reading →

Wearable tech bling for the octogeneration

Wearable tech

irisapfelA few weeks ago I wrote an article briefly looking at the potential for wearable tech to be utilised by older people.  Fitness is a crucial factor in warding off life-threatening illness and frailty in older people, and while we are all willing to acknowledge the importance of exercise, it is also true that making excuses to avoid exercise becomes easier with age.

Therefore, any gimmick or novelty that we can attach to exercise is going to add appeal to the imperative. Continue reading →

Judi Dench at 81

judidenchYou may be forgiven for believing that Judi Dench, who continues to look amazing as she ages, has managed to avoid all the aches and pains that most 81 year olds have already begun to experience. She still works hard in her industry – most recently impressing audiences with her stage performance in Kenneth Branagh’s production of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale at the end of 2015.  She declares that she has no intention of retiring,  such is her unrelenting energy for her profession.  Continue reading →

Exercise through the ages

Do we have to?

Not everyone loves to exercise, and certainly much less emphasis has been placed on its importance in the past compared with more recent years. These days we know well that good health and well-being depends largely on eating well, regular exercise, and getting enough sleep. The focus is on preventing disease, rather than treating it. So, for many older people, being told they must exercise is rather like being told they must take a spoonful of cod-liver oil every day. Distasteful at the very least. Continue reading →

Wearable tech: are fitness trackers the answer to getting our old folks active?


Me and my fitbit

Nothing makes me happier,  in my relatively sedentary life, than the celebratory buzz on my wrist when my fitbit announces to me that I’ve nailed 10,000 steps in a day. Not just the buzz, but the little digital party streamers and the funky words of praise that flash at me from my tracker screen: “Way to go!” or “Awesome work!” It’s enough to make me feel like I’ve just levelled up on a computer game, and I don’t even play computer games. Continue reading →

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