Platinum Healthcare was launched in 2006 after identifying an opportunity in the caring industry for a provider offering a higher level of care to the increasing number of people who require care which respects their privacy, dignity and time.

Platinum Healthcare was founded on a commitment to superior levels of client-centred service. In order to deliver the highest quality service to Platinum Healthcare clients, a significant emphasis is placed on the character, expertise and experience of our carers, and the processes and systems by which our carers are coordinated.

Platinum Healthcare’s emphasis on recruiting and human resources allows us to employ the most qualified and experienced carers in the industry. The importance we place on warmth and professionalism also ensure our clients have an enjoyable experience. We also ensure staff are well rewarded and recognised for the superior level of service they consistently provide to our clients.

Our clients consistently refer our services and return to us for many reasons. The most frequently cited is the professionalism and high quality of our staff at all levels of our organisation.

Our identity

Our logo represents an organic community: the circles radiate from a common heart. This works from both a client and employee level – each connected to a common core. There’s also a lack of hard edges, which communicates and portrays warmth in the nature of the care. It’s not clinical and corporate; it’s warm, embracing, holistic and empathetic.

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