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Our Home Care story

A Love Of Service, A Legacy Of Care

If you need help or information on how to get support for your loved one, Platinum Healthcare Group offers specialist advice and services in disability, aged care and private home-care support.

The Personal Touch 

From 2006, Platinum Healthcare Group has developed a client-centred culture that puts people first.

Our experience in creating personalised care plans which empower individuals and allow family members to once again just be family, has been a testament to our ethos of being at the Heart of Better Healthcare.

This vision is so deeply tied to why this organisation was created - to build a reputation of care, to connect with people in a meaningful way & to help them in creating deeper connections with their family, friends and community.

Our Client Commitment

When united with a single vision, our commitment to clients increases ten-fold.

From the continued 3rd party referral of clients to our services, to our vigilant compliance to regulatory bodies (Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission & NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission), we have a level of experience not readily available within the industry.

This experience helps us to speak to the heart of our clients, providing solutions that give a mother some much needed ‘me time’ or allow a daughter to just ‘go back to being a daughter, again.’ 

‘I can hear that your experience comes through.’

Some of the best disability and aged care providers are run by people who have experienced it themselves. As a family-owned business, we’ve been in the position of supporting and losing our loved ones.

This ‘lived experience’ has coloured the way we see clients, so we hear things others might not and solve problems others may not see.

very caring, thoughtful and very thorough

The client - MS sufferer who together with her husband was receiving domestic assistance support.

"Your carer was very caring, thoughtful and very thorough. She was a hard worker and let nothing stop her from getting the job done properly, ie she kept working even whilst we were interacting with her and so always managed to complete her tasks properly without having to rush or take shortcuts."

A&B K, Clients, South Perth

Most Reliable Agency

The client - a large West Australian Aged Care provider who has both residential aged care facilities and provides aged home & community care services. Platinum Healthcare has been providing this agency with relief staff (and sometimes regular scheduled services to some of their clients) since 2007.

A scheduler at the agency, who was trying to find a regular support worker for one of their high needs clients, stated "I would prefer Platinum than other agency (sic) as you are more reliable".

West Australian Aged Care provider

I have found dealing with Platinum Healthcare to be extremely easy

The client - a large not-for-profit agency for whom Platinum Healthcare is providing regular as well as relief staff.

"I have found dealing with Platinum Healthcare to be extremely easy. Phone calls and e-mails are always followed up promptly and professionally."

Coordinator/Scheduler, NfP Organisation

professional attitude and a willingness to assist in all aspects

The client - 8 y/o boy with cerebral palsy living with his grandparents who are his primary carers. He has regular seizures and requires full assist with all personal care.

“We selected Platinum Healthcare as you came highly recommended through LAC. Your organisation demonstrated an experienced and professional attitude and a willingness to assist in all aspects with my grandchild. Over the years our family enjoyed meeting a number of your young people who came and built a close relationship between each member of the family.”

Wendy, Grandmother, Fulltime Carer

attentive and intelligent service that was tailored to our needs

The Client - 85YO widowed Scottish male who was visiting family in Perth over the Christmas break. He required daily Personal Care in order to get up and ready for the day's activities.

"We were looking for temporary care only while Dad was visiting us and were somewhat cautious given previous experience of varied quality. We used Platinum Healthcare as their experienced and friendly staff provided an attentive and intelligent service that was tailored to our needs. As a daughter I received 'peace of mind' watching the carer fit in immediately and seeing her initiative in managing Dad's needs.

Daughter, Swanbourne

Enjoying The Journey

As we all experience a range of life changes, it can be hard to look ahead of the problem right in front of us. You might be in such a position, right now, and doubting where to turn or what to do.

Given many of the Platinum Healthcare team have been through a similar experience to you, you can be certain that we understand. You’re not alone and your situation needn’t stay the same.

Like other clients, you can experience a drop in stress. You can feel your burdens lightened and see a return to routine. You can channel positive energy back into other relationships and have more of your needs met.

Lastly, you can see a change in your family members as people, once again, begin to enjoy time together. 

Do You Need Help? 

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