Aged Care at Home: The role of ACAT

What is ACAT?

People that are exploring in home care options for an aged or senior family member are often unclear as to the role of the ACAT. So let’s have brief look at this and share some links to further information.

ACAT is an acronym for Aged Care Assessment Team. It’s a government body that consists of various health professionals who will assess your care needs and provide information about suitable and available care options. In Western Australia there are around 8 metropolitan teams and 8 regional teams.

What do I need ACAT for and how do I get an assessment?

You will need an ACAT assessment if you want to access any government funded in home care service or package or if you wish to enter into an aged care home. Services that are not subsidised by the government, i.e. private services, or those offered by volunteer groups do not usually require an assessment.

An  assessment can be arranged by your GP. Alternatively, you can call 1800 200 422 for the details of the local team and contact them directly. If your family member is currently in hospital, speak to the treating doctor or social worker who may be able to arrange an assessment with the aged care team at the hospital. There is no cost involved for assessments.

A member of the team  can visit you in your own home or in hospital to discuss your care needs. They will ask a series of questions in order to find the best care option for your particular situation. These questions are designed to work out how much and what type of help you need with daily and personal activities.

With your approval, the ACAT will also contact your local doctor to gain more information on your medical history to help with the assessment process.

The final decision to accept an assessment team’s recommendation for an in home care service or residential care remains with you.

For more detailed information check the following links to the government’s MyAgedCare website: