Aged Care Royal Commission

aged care royal commission

By now most Australians have heard about the ‘Four Corners’ show and the government’s quick response in announcing an aged care royal commission (RC).

I’m appalled, as I’m sure you are, at the disgusting treatment portrayed in the show on Monday, 17 September, 2018. Our elderly deserve great care – the best care we can give them.

Great care is characterised by love, compassion, gentleness and patience. It’s the sort of care that is grounded in our golden rule (a Biblical rule) – “treat others the way you wish to be treated”.

In plain and simple terms – the examples shown on Monday showed ‘abuse’ and not care.


There has already been much commentary about the show and the aged care royal commission announcement. Much of it revolves around the significant funding shortfalls that aged care is experiencing.

Other comments have (quite cynically too) asked what a new report will achieve. After all, they say, we’ve already had some 20 or so reviews around aged care since 1997. And … wouldn’t the cost of the RC be better allocated to immediately addressing some of the funding shortfalls?

Personally, however, I can’t help but wonder, if ultimately these things reflect significant changes creeping into our society. Have we become a society too obsessed with ourselves? Are we slowly becoming an inward focused nation with no patience for others and no time to give to helping others who are less fortunate than ourselves?

Why is it that so many elderly languish in our care facilities with few or no visits from loved ones week after week?

Instead of sitting back in our comfy chair criticising, lets pull together to start changing things.

A challenge to you

I challenge you – go to a facility nearby and ask whether there are any lonely residents. Then adopt him or her as your ‘new grandparent’. Giving to others of your time, your money and your love, teaches you ever so much and enriches you in ways you would not have imagined.

You’ll make someone’s day … and … you will most surely become the better through it!

Radio interview

For more information about the current state of aged care listen to this week’s aged care discussion between Platinum Healthcare’s Managing Director Len Schoof and Mike on “Mornings with Mike” at radio station 98Five.

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