Aged Care at Home: The role of ACAT

What is ACAT? People that are exploring in home care options for an aged or senior family member are often unclear as to the role of the ACAT. So let’s have brief look at this and share some links to further information. ACAT is an acronym for Aged Care Assessment Team. It’s a government body that […]

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Retire at 70? Government must make tough choices!

Governments in the 21st Century need to make tough choices to deal with growing deficits. Today a report released by Grattan Institute suggested that a raft of reforms around superannuation and aged pension would have the single most beneficial impact on budget deficits. Broadly, the plan proposed by the Grattan Institute includes the following elements: […]

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Caring for the Carer – Part 1

I’ve been fortunate to come back recently from an overseas trip. Several times over, during that trip, I had to listen to the usual pre-flight safety briefing. I’m sure many of you know what I’m talking about. Anyway, it was the warning to “first put on your own oxygen mask and lifejacket before you assist […]

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In-Home Care or Facility

home care provider

Most of us would agree with the adage: “there’s no place like home!” How much more so then for our senior citizens who are accustomed to a lifetime of independence and possibly decades of calling the same place home. It is understandable that when it becomes necessary to transition from a fully independent lifestyle into […]

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Aged Care Legislation Passes Parliament

After much hype legislation containing changes to the Aged Care Act 1997 was passed by both houses of the Australian parliament on 26 June 2013. Political rhetoric aside, what does all this really mean for Australia’s burgeoning ageing population and how will this impact you? Amendments to the Aged Care Act, 1997 Firstly, for the […]

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