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Growing numbers of elderly Australians waiting for a Home Care Package

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Home Care Packages (HCP) are government-funded subsidies available for senior Australians to receive In-Home Care and Support. This package can fund a variety of services at home including meal services, gardening, nursing, basic personal care etc. More details about Home Care Packages can be found here.Unfortunately, obtaining a Home Care Package is not that easy. Along […]

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Free Home Care Information Session

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How to cut through the confusion around aged care in Australia!What you need to do so you or your loved one ages well!How to avoid the nursing home by being proactive!One in three elderly parents suffer a fall, and most families don’t get help until it’s too late. Some 80% of the calls we receive […]

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Company for seniors at Christmas time

Not every senior person is lucky enough, in this ever-expanding world, to have all their family members living close by. It’s not always easy for their children who live far away – in another town or state, or even in another country – to make it home for Christmas. Many senior Australians emigrated here decades […]

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Dementia – why it’s so important to diagnose early

Alzheimer’s disease – the leading cause of dementia in older people – can have a devastating impact on both the person with the disease, and their surrounding family and friends. Its symptoms are unsettling at the very least, and can be devastating and destructive as the disease progresses. Too often, dementia (whether it’s Alzheimer’s disease, […]

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The problem with sleep for people with dementia

Dementia caused by Alzheimer’s disease is known to be linked with sleep loss – but which is the driving factor? Does sleep loss cause dementia, or is sleep loss triggered by the onset of dementia? Knowing which comes first will provide vital clues about how we can help people to avoid developing the disease, or […]

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Is it possible to stay at home with dementia?

It’s a popular misconception that people who have dementia will have to be cared for in a residential facility sooner or later. Certainly, many people assume that there is a point at which admission to an aged care home is the inevitable conclusion to their loved one’s life with dementia. In the absence of discouragement […]

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Platinum’s carers

Not every client that Platinum cares for is a senior requiring assistance to stay at home. While a large number of Platinum’s clients are indeed elderly people, this is probably a reflection of the increasingly large ageing population. Today, in Australia, there are more than 3.5 million people aged 65 and over. That accounts for […]

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Compassion fatigue: what is it, and how to survive

Compassion fatigue: the eventual by-product of caring for someone. Everyone gets it – if they’re doing their job well. Nurses get it. Doctors get it. Even some new parents get it at that most intense of times when they are suddenly responsible for a new and entirely vulnerable little life. It’s nature’s way of making […]

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