Irena – End of Life Care

Irena, End of life care

“After I moved in, it became evident very quickly that I couldn’t cope with attending to toileting several times a night and be able to function during the day. It was an adjustment for me to accept that I couldn’t manage.

“My auntie didn’t believe she needed any help. We had to tiptoe gently; introducing services slowly was the key. The Platinum care team was brilliant – they understood, listened and were willing to adjust or do things her way, which made the whole process a lot less stressful than it might have been for my auntie, and indeed for all of us.

“We introduced overnight services slowly and by the end it was almost every night, indeed almost 24/7 by the time my auntie passed away.

“Platinum Healthcare were extremely supportive and caring, not only of Irena but of me too. They could tell when I was becoming more and more frazzled. Donna would come to visit. She always acted gently and with integrity; offering advice about useful products and a little bit more assistance, but nothing over the top.

“I admit that I had quite high expectations. I wanted my auntie to be the central focus of their attention, to be treated with great respect and courtesy – and that’s what we received, every time.

“Auntie Irena called them her angels.”

Kathy, Churchlands