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Mum and Dad were both in the British army when they met in Gibraltar.  Dad was a widower with a young son, so once married Mum resigned her commission and took up the role of wife and mother.  Her first task was to learn to cook, luckily for her, and the rest of us, this turned out to be something she really enjoyed doing.  As the family grew, with the addition of three girls, Mum enjoyed her role as a ‘stay at home wife and mother’ while supporting Dad as he made his way up through the ranks. When Dad retired from the British army he and Mum decided to bring the family to Australia to live. After a short time of working for the railway department, Dad joined the Australian Army and once again, with the support of Mum, began working his way up through the ranks to become a Major.  Upon retiring Mum and Dad were able to enjoy travelling overseas visiting friends and family.  They also became dedicated grandparents – nothing was ever too much trouble for them when it came to ‘the babies’. Mum and Dad loved helping out with each and every one of their seven grandchildren.

After more than 54 years of marriage, and with the support of the immediate family, Mum and Dad managed to live at home in their 80s until Mum’s dementia, mobility and sight worsened. After a prolonged stay in care due to a variety of major health issues, coming home was a challenge for us all.

“It was all so daunting; we were ‘adult children’ trying to work out what to do and we struggling with the paperwork. You have so much on your plate – family, husband, voluntary work, kids etc – you’re not thinking at your best – plus you are aging too!

Luckily for us a social worker recommended Platinum Healthcare.

Mum strongly disliked people in her home touching her things, this paranoia increased as her dementia increased. So to make the change easier, we engaged Platinum Healthcare on a low support plan to assist Dad, before Mum came home.  This helped the carers to become familiar with the house which in turn helped minimise problems which we knew were going to arise when Mum returned home.

As Mum’s health deteriorated we discussed our concerns with Platinum Healthcare who were able to vary our plan by increasing the number of hours per day that carers came to assist Mum and Dad. With the services provided by Platinum Healthcare we always felt informed and had peace of mind knowing that Mum and Dad were safe and being looked after with care and dignity in their own home, which was what they wanted. Platinum Healthcare took charge of Mum and Dad needs on a daily basis, the carers became our ‘extended family’.  If we needed to know anything or had a query we had a direct line to Platinum Healthcare and extra help and advice was always available.

When Dad also became unwell and his care needs increased significantly it became apparent that we were unable to continue with the care plan we had in place, and unable to afford additional services, so we made the difficult decision to move Mum and Dad into a nursing home. Platinum Healthcare was very understanding and assisted us with the whole move. As a family we made the decision to continue to engage Platinum Healthcare to provide Mum and Dad with extra care from a ‘friendly face’ once they had moved into the nursing home. Mum loved being taken up the road on an outing for a coffee and a chat. Unfortunately due to her deteriorating health issues Mum passed away shortly after moving into the nursing home.  It is comforting to know that the care provided by Platinum Healthcare improved Mum’s quality of life, but also made her feel special.

Today Platinum Healthcare visits Dad twice a week to either take him on outings or do an activity with him. Dad really looks forward to these visits, and we enjoy the feedback provided and seeing photos of him out and about enjoying himself. These activities give Dad something to talk about when we visit him. An added bonus for us is that because the carers knew Mum they are able to talk to Dad about her.

As a family we all agree that the personalised care services provided by Platinum Healthcare has not only helped to improve Dad’s quality of life, but also gives us all peace of mind.’

Clare, Dianella