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Mitchell – Disability Support Services

Mitchell has profound autism. He is non-verbal and requires a high level of care on a daily basis.

His mother, Ros, sought respite care in 2008, initially to take care of Mitchell for an afternoon here and there, so she could go to some tennis matches with her other son. When she moved to Perth from Bunbury and was herself diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2013, Ros needed more help, such as overnight respite care and cleaning services.

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Respite client and home care support worker

Ross – Holiday Respite Care

A widower and still a global traveller at 86, Ross was planning a trip to Australia, from Scotland, to stay with his daughter and to be with the wider family for Christmas in Perth. Back at home Ross was receiving daily care and in Perth his daughter was expected to be primary carer, but the family knew she could do with a bit of help.

Photo - Ross with regular carer Nerissa.

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Elysia – Disability Swim Support

Elysia is a young lady of 28 who was born with severe Lissencephaly. This has resulted in significant developmental disorders and gives rise to daily seizures throughout her life. One of Elysia’s joys in life is her weekly swim at the beach in the summer months and at the pool in the cooler months.

Photo - Elysia, relaxing in the water, surrounded by her sister and Platinum carers.

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Aged care services social support

Kathleen and John – Daily Home Care

Kathleen and John were managing well living at home in their 80s until Kathleen’s dementia and sight worsened. Then, after her knee reconstruction operation, going home was a challenge for Kathleen, as her mobility was very poor. Their daughter, Clare, took on the primary role of carer.

Photo - Support worker Katie on a social support outing with John

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Irena, End of life care

Irena – End of Life Care

Irena was a fiercely independent 92 year old widow with no relatives except a devoted niece. After a bout of repeated hospital visits, her geriatrician advised that she could not stay at home on her own. She adamantly refused to consider moving into a care home, so her niece took on primary responsibility for Irena’s end of life care in her own home.

Photo - Irena prior to becoming unwell

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