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Clients' Testimonials

Dealing with Platinum Healthcare is Easy
“The carers are truly excellent, all very obliging and helpful. I couldn’t wish for anything better. The Home Care Package program allows me to stay safely at home, get assistance with chores, cleaning, shopping and cooking. I enjoy the company provided by the support workers. I find dealing with the Platinum team to be very easy. My coordinator Myann does an excellent job.” Allan, Home Care Package Client - Level 4 Booragoon, WA
Very Informative Seminar
Hi Len. Thanks for the very informative evening. The way you explained the process was really good and easy to understand. Much easier than how the HACC lady explained to me when we started Going through the process with Mum. And yes, still waiting after a few months for ACAT 😩. Like you mentioned at the meeting it’s something that needs to be spoken about with the parent(s) way before the time we think we need the extra help. Thanks again. Received after "Aged Care Made Easy" seminar in Kelmscott, 19/07/2018
Most Reliable Agency
The client - a large West Australian Aged Care provider who has both residential aged care facilities and provides aged home & community care services. Platinum Healthcare has been providing this agency with relief staff (and sometimes regular scheduled services to some of their clients) since 2007. A scheduler at the agency, who was trying to find a regular support worker for one of their high needs clients, stated "I would prefer Platinum than other agency (sic) as you are more reliable".  
Emergency Respite Care Services
The client – 93YO male, recently discharged from hospital following a stroke, and needing assistance in the morning with personal care to enable him to get ready for the day’s activities. Emergency assistance was requested to commence immediately on the next day. “Dear Len, Thank you for the receipts. “I must thank you most sincerely for the quick and kind response your company provided to my parents' situation last week. The three carers who came to help them were brilliant - quiet, efficient, kind and so thoughtful of their domestic needs. Mum was left in amazement reading the paper and drinking coffee with dad when they left - all work done and time to enjoy each other’s time together. “The standard of work and care was far superior to what they are used to. “I don't suppose you provide the self-determined care packages that are becoming more popular these days? That may not be the correct name but We were told that if we could find such a provider we might be able to get a home care package for both mum and dad through the same company and therefore using the same people rather than an ever changing parade of strangers. “Look forward to your reply and thank your staff for me.” Kind Regards Jo, Daughter, Dalkeith
Kathy, Niece and NoK, Social Worker, City Beach
The client – a 92YO widow requiring palliative care who wished to die in her own home in City Beach.  “I selected Platinum Healthcare to care for Aunty after consulting with work colleagues and on the basis of previous work contact with Platinum. You have a good reputation and we needed more formal services. One of your strongest points of difference was your understanding and accommodating our particular needs. "During the period of care, enquires were always dealt with promptly and respectfully. The organization is very organized and a high standard of care was provided with dignity and respect. Today, more people are choosing to stay in their own homes but the hours provided through funded packages alone are not always sufficient to stay at home. Hence extra privately funded services are required and Platinum Healthcare provides a great service.”
Jane, Daughter, Cottesloe
The client - elderly widow, still living by herself, but increasingly suffering from the effects of early stage dementia. The care services included personal care, assistance with showering and dressing, meal preparation and the provision of companionship and social support in the home and through outings. "All staff I have dealt with over the phone have been very helpful, polite and friendly. Nothing is too much trouble for them. It is always a pleasure to call."
Coordinator/Scheduler, NfP Organisation
The client - a large not-for-profit agency for whom Platinum Healthcare is providing regular as well as relief staff. "I have found dealing with Platinum Healthcare to be extremely easy. Phone calls and e-mails are always followed up promptly and professionally."
A&B K, Clients, South Perth
The client - MS sufferer who together with her husband was receiving domestic assistance support. "Your carer was very caring, thoughtful and very thorough. She was a hard worker and let nothing stop her from getting the job done properly, ie she kept working even whilst we were interacting with her and so always managed to complete her tasks properly without having to rush or take shortcuts."
Clare, Daughter, Dianella
The client - 83YO couple wanting to stay together and in their own home, but both now requiring extensive daily assistance with personal care. "I just wanted to tell you about my wonderful visit with mum and dad yesterday, I popped around to see them and to drop off some wheat heat packs for mums knee and shoulder and I got one for dad for his knee so he doesn't feel left out. I went over with my daughter Rebecca. They were both in great spirits which just shows the care they are getting is wonderful. Brenda was on when we went around and she is just amazing with them both, they were telling me how they went for a little walk the day before and dad was telling me a funny story that had happened the day before it was just so good to see and hear. Then to top it off Brenda was telling me how they sing songs which I was unaware they did, so the next thing mum and dad were singing and they knew the words as well (Brenda was singing softly so they were just able to hear her which gave them the confidence in singing the words) Dad looked up to me and you could see how please he was with himself they both were so happy. "I just wanted to share this story with you and thank you once again for the help Platinum has given to my family."
Daughter, Swanbourne
The Client - 85YO widowed Scottish male who was visiting family in Perth over the Christmas break. He required daily Personal Care in order to get up and ready for the day's activities. "We were looking for temporary care only while Dad was visiting us and were somewhat cautious given previous experience of varied quality. We used Platinum Healthcare as their experienced and friendly staff provided an attentive and intelligent service that was tailored to our needs. As a daughter I received 'peace of mind' watching the carer fit in immediately and seeing her initiative in managing Dad's needs.