Clinical Nursing How, Where & When You Need It!

For those with chronic illnesses or injuries requiring ongoing medical treatment, leaving home for frequent clinical visits can be burdensome.

Add to that, the complexity of increased frailty and the requirement for ongoing care support, and the problem deepens. The reality of the situation is that irrespective of that, procedures (from wound care to injections) remain necessary for health. The solution? Bringing skilled nursing care into the home.

Through in-home nursing agencies, like Platinum Healthcare, nurses can provide clinical level treatment and handle medical equipment right where patients live. For one of our clients, John who needs round-the-clock care as his condition continues to affect his ability to perform daily tasks, clinical nursing care is essential.

“I have been with Platinum Healthcare for over four years and I’m quite happy with their services and they are quite good. I now have great support although I once had someone who burnt six consecutive lamb chops! I am a direct sort of man so if you have issues occur, it’s important for the organisation to deal with them. At Platinum, they do quite a fine job. I would recommend Platinum.”

The expert training nurses receive allows them to smoothly perform procedures many patients or family caregivers would find daunting like catheter changes, glucose testing, or administering injections. If a tube gets displaced or wound dressing needs replacing at 2am, home nursing staff act as skilled clinicians available on-call around the clock, tending to clinical needs.

Partnering with nurses for in-home clinical care takes the headaches out of transportation, long waits, and red tape at doctor’s offices when health issues already place life’s demands at a premium. It also minimizes risks associated with treatment gaps or errors without professional oversight.

Offering familiar comforts amid medical challenges, in-home nursing puts power back in patients’ hands so they can focus on healing and carrying on full lives.

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