Four Reasons Why Platinum Health Care Is A Great Fit For Stay-At-Home Parents

This article explains the four main reasons why Platinum Health Care is a great option for stay-at-home mums and dads who are wanting to contribute financially to their family while still remaining available to their children in a job that provides satisfaction and flexibility.


A challenge for many parents is finding employment that will allow them to still be available to their children. School holidays, before and after school hours, assemblies, and parent teacher conferences are some things parents want to be available for, and jobs that allow for that type of flexibility are few and far between.

Platinum Health is a family-owned business that understands these needs and aims to provide flexibility and stability for its employees. They do this by offering permanent part-time contracts where employees can plan around the needs of their family by working during school hours. 


The cost of living is increasingly on the rise, and it is rare that families are able to get by on a single income. Because of this, many stay-at-home parents are looking to enter the workforce, but in the aged care space there tends to be a lack of flexible, part-time consistent work. This results in lack of stability for families and employers. 

Platinum Health is prioritising flexibility with permanent part time work. They also believe in appropriate compensation for workers. When an employee feels valued through proper remuneration, they will perform their best. This provides a win-win situation for both Platinum Health and their employees.


At Platinum Health, there is an emphasis on providing training and opportunities for further learning in the field of support work. This creates a culture of improvement and progress which benefits the employees, clients, and company.

Training offered to employees includes manual handling, personal care, first-aid certificates, along with other learning relative to the needs of clients. There is also an opportunity to become a level three support worker.


When working in a large corporation, employees are at risk of becoming just another number. This is not the case at Platinum Health. It is a family-owned business with Christian values where both clients and employees are treated with respect. 

Platinum Health prioritises a positive work environment for staff and clients alike. The vision of success for employees coming to work at Platinum Health Care is job satisfaction. Where employees love the work that they do, are confident in their job security and remuneration, feel valued and respected, and know that their contribution to their clients, and to their families, matters. 

In Conclusion 

Platinum Health Care understands the importance of having a consistent and happy team of workers who enjoy what they do. They realise the value that people from all walks of life, including stay-at-home parents, bring to the company. 

Platinum Health is quickly becoming a preferred employer among stay-at-home mums and dads looking for part time roles in the support work industry.

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