In home care for for the elderly: Why staying at home is better

As the saying goes ‘home is where the heart is’ and when someone is unwell or frail it’s the perfect place for recovery and rest. It’s a sanctuary where familiarity is comforting and memories are real.

Platinum’s home care services are designed to bring you peace of mind and to relieve the stresses of caring for a loved one

Our Platinum home care services are sought after because:

  • Families want their loved ones to remain where they feel most comfortable, in surroundings that are familiar and hold precious memories.
  • Individual freedom and independence is preserved. We want everyone to remain free from the limitations of care facilities, for as long as possible.
  • It is well documented that healing is promoted and stress alleviated away from hospitals and residential care. Moving into a care facility can be traumatic and stressful for everybody in the family.
  • Elderly people and terminally ill patients really want to die in their own home and families want to fulfill that request where possible.
  • Technology has now made it possible to offer health services where ever the client prefers to be – services that in the past were only available in a medical facility.
  • A highly personalised service, delivered in the way you’d like is offered, as opposed to a ‘one size fits all’ formula.
  • They are more cost efficient; a high standard of service and accommodation in a care facility is an expensive alternative. You can maintain your own high standards without extra fees.
  • Families usually want to keep the family home for future generations; the large bond required for a care facility can result in having to sell the family home.
  • They keep family close and involved, learning together about how to keep safe and live well.
  • Residential facilities can be isolating; it’s hard to host family gatherings and to make friends welcome there.
  • Home care workers are highly dedicated to their work – you could say it is their calling. They are very special, caring people.
  • People cared for at home tend to have a better quality of life and often live longer.

Why Staying At Home Is Better