Companionship & Social Support

When companionship means the world

We aim to provide our clients with everything from company whilst travelling, or on an outing with others, to individually helping them maintain a role as an active participant in society. Our staff will be a comfort and support through being a pleasant companion or helping with paying bills, attending a concert, going to the shops or any number of other things.


Platinum Healthcare understands that caring is a demanding role, regularly undertaken by a partner or family member.  Our respite service can provide short term assistance or offer a complete support system to assist a person who is dying as well as assisting their family in coping during their loved one’s illness.


When help is needed to get about?

Need to get to a doctor’s appointment or down to the shops to get groceries, but can’t rely on taxis or public transport? Platinum Care can provide transport services to take you where you need to go, wait with you (or even assist with the shopping) and ensure you get back home safely.

We offer all of these services whilst ensuring discretion and making sure that your dignity and privacy (including that of your family) are respected at all times. We’re here to help make your life more enjoyable so if you require any services which are not listed on our website please don’t hesitate to contact us.