Gardening and Home Maintenance

Need some help to keep the garden tidy and the home in good order? Platinum Gardening can help clients with general gardening and basic home maintenance services.

Our services can be scheduled monthly, fortnightly or on a one off basis.

Gardening and home maintenance services are vital for the elderly and people with disabilities, offering them not only practical assistance but also enhancing their quality of life. These services include lawn care, planting, weeding, and basic home repairs, tailored to accommodate individual needs and abilities. Skilled professionals ensure safety, reduce the physical strain, and provide social interaction, which can be therapeutic. This support helps maintain a sense of independence and dignity, while ensuring that their living spaces are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It’s an invaluable service that fosters well-being and comfort in their own homes.

Our extensive range of home and garden maintenance services includes (but is certainly not limited to)

  • lawn mowing,
  • weeding,
  • garden waste removal
  • and window cleaning

Get the assistance you need

We offer all of these services whilst ensuring discretion and making sure that your dignity and privacy (including that of your family) are respected at all times. We’re here to help make your life more enjoyable so if you require any services which are not listed on our website please don’t not hesitate to contact us.

For a confidential discussion about your specific needs, contact Platinum Healthcare today on (08) 9468 6438 .