Palliative Care Services Perth

“Seventy per cent of people want to die at home, yet only about 14 per cent do so.”

“People are twice as likely to die at home in countries such as New Zealand, the United States, Ireland and France.”

(Source: Grattan Institute Report No. 2014-10, September 2014)

The Best Palliative Care at Home

People who are seriously ill require ample care and medical attention. The purpose of providing continuous treatment is to relieve symptoms and reduce the patients’ suffering. With the help of a team of medical practitioners, families can make their loved ones feel better throughout the remaining days, weeks, or months of their lives.

Platinum Healthcare knows how important time is to you. We want you to share precious moments with your ill family member so we offer palliative care services. Patients deserve a support system during these difficult times – and that’s what we provide. We do everything to help ease the pain and suffering, and assist your family in coping with the situation.

A Personal and Systematic Approach

Everything we do starts with a plan. We assess every patient’s needs so we can formulate the most suitable care plan. We treat our patients as a family and make them feel at home wherever they choose to be during the treatment period. This approach allows us to stimulate patients’ physical, social, mental and emotional improvement.

A Partnership

Platinum Healthcare uses a team approach to ensure the best results for patients. We coordinate with families, doctors, nurses and carers throughout the process to make sure everything goes well as planned. We spend as much time with patients and their families, depending on their specific needs. We help them learn about the treatment process, options and goals.

Palliative Care vs End of Life Care

Although these two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, they do mean different things.

Palliative Care is for people of any age who are living with a serious illness that cannot be cured. It is a holistic support service that helps those people live their life as fully and as comfortably as possible, and also provides practical and emotional support to their family and carer network. Palliative care can be provided for months or even years.

End of Life Care is that time of palliative care specifically provided to patients in the last few weeks and days of life when the person is irreversibly dying.

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