In-Home Care or Facility

home care provider

Most of us would agree with the adage: “there’s no place like home!” How much more so then for our senior citizens who are accustomed to a lifetime of independence and possibly decades of calling the same place home. It is understandable that when it becomes necessary to transition from a fully independent lifestyle into a supported living environment, it is often an overwhelming and emotional time.

For this reason most people try to do what they can to help their loved senior stay at home as long as possible before placement in a facility.

The good news is that many people don’t need 24-hour care, at least not right away. Someone with a chronic condition like arthritis or heart disease, for instance, might only need help with specific tasks, like meal preparation or bathing and dressing and some of the housework. This may initially not require more than 10 hours of support per week and can be further supplemented as required by family and friends. Through the provision of such support senior citizens are able to stay longer in their familiar home and community environment. They can maintain much of their precious independence and continue to receive their usual social circle of family and friends or visit their favourite parks and cafes.

However, being a carer can also be difficult for both parties.  Caring for someone can be time-consuming and exhausting. It is rarely something people have planned to do and must often be done in addition to the carers’ existing tasks and responsibilities. Maintaining an appropriate balance of time between caring and other roles within the family is not easy and can create feelings of neglect towards other family members. This places strain on relationships and family dynamics. As demands and pressures on a family carer increase, many caregivers may experience carer overload.

Assistance is available in these situations. Home care can be arranged to help both the patient and the carer(s) and give peace of mind to the family. Many-a-time we’ve come to hear a carer say after home care is established: “Now I can go back to being a daughter again”.