The Place of the Elderly in Society

Children with GrandparentsA society that fails to lovingly care for its vulnerable members has no future.

These vulnerable members are the sick, injured, disabled and, of course, the growing number of frail, elderly citizens. This latter group, who have gone before us, have worked and used their talents to make society what it is today. They deserve our thanks and respect, as well as our time and our love.

It is also important for our children to learn to relate to different elements of society. Several decades ago there was a shift to integrated education where the disabled where brought into mainstream education as much as possible rather than shunted off to special schools. Educators are unequivocal about the positive impact this has had on our young people. In the same way it is good for our younger ones to learn from and to interact with the senior members of society. The benefits and rewards of such interaction are also well known and have stimulated a rise in volunteer programmes in aged care homes.

At Platinum Healthcare this respect for the elderly and a belief in their worth is foundational to everything we say and do. It is also incorporated in our corporate values.

I was reminded of this importance when reading a recent article in The Telegraph by Ed West. His article titled “Life is so much better with our elders around” is worth reading. Read, enjoy and share widely!