Seven Reasons Why University Students Seek Out Platinum Health Care As An Employer Of Choice

Study in the medical and health sector is stressful enough without having to contend with finding a flexible employer who can provide shifts which fit your lifestyle. Platinum Healthcare Group recognises the benefit to nursing and medical students, like you, and works to support them in earning an income and maintaining a healthy work/study/life balance.

Here are seven reasons why we are considered an “Employer of Choice” as a result:


Having a source of income while working towards their qualification helps ease some of the financial pressure of tertiary education and allows students to become financially independent.


With casual, permanent, or part-time options available, Platinum Healthcare offers a variety of flexible options for students. This means they can work around lectures, assignments, exams, and social life. They can work late nights, overnights, or on weekends.

Being able to work around their schedule gives students flexibility and peace of mind that they can continue to prioritise their studies, while also supporting themselves financially.

Application of Skills

Platinum Healthcare provides excellent opportunities for students who are studying health or nursing to apply their skills to real-world situations, while earning an income.

When beginning at Platinum, new employees are quickly assessed for existing skills and are provided with opportunities to do personal, and high-level care.


At Platinum Healthcare, we recognise the importance of variety in work for promoting job satisfaction. Employees can work with a range of clients with differing needs so that no two weeks on the job are the same. 

Simple Application Process

The application process with Platinum Healthcare is simple and quick. It takes only one to two weeks and includes submitting an application. This is followed by an interview, and once the prospective employee is accepted for the role, they come in for induction, assessment of skills, and training, and can then begin work.


At Platinum Healthcare, training is a priority and there are opportunities for progression. Employees can become level three support workers, which involves higher level personal care, manual training and first-aid. These certifications are valuable in any potential career is they demonstrate the employee’s initiative, commitment, and skills.


Platinum Healthcare is a family-owned company with Christian values. Here, you are not just another number, but a valued part of a team. Our company strives to support employees in their goals, and we understand the importance of creating a culture where everyone feels valued. 

In Conclusion

Platinum Healthcare’s vision of success for university students is to provide them with employment opportunities that allow them to gain marketable skills, in a job that gives them the flexibility to work around their study schedules and support themselves through their degree. 

We believe that investing in our employees is well-worth the effort, as these same employees provide value for our company, in the form of care for our clients.
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