Clare, Daughter, Dianella

The client – 83YO couple wanting to stay together and in their own home, but both now requiring extensive daily assistance with personal care.

“I just wanted to tell you about my wonderful visit with mum and dad yesterday, I popped around to see them and to drop off some wheat heat packs for mums knee and shoulder and I got one for dad for his knee so he doesn’t feel left out. I went over with my daughter Rebecca. They were both in great spirits which just shows the care they are getting is wonderful. Brenda was on when we went around and she is just amazing with them both, they were telling me how they went for a little walk the day before and dad was telling me a funny story that had happened the day before it was just so good to see and hear. Then to top it off Brenda was telling me how they sing songs which I was unaware they did, so the next thing mum and dad were singing and they knew the words as well (Brenda was singing softly so they were just able to hear her which gave them the confidence in singing the words) Dad looked up to me and you could see how please he was with himself they both were so happy.

“I just wanted to share this story with you and thank you once again for the help Platinum has given to my family.”