Why Every Aged Care Or Disability Employer Is NOT Created Equal…

There is no shortage of aged care and disability employers within Western Australia and while one could be forgiven for thinking they are all equal, the opposite is often the case. From the difference between private and not-for-profit organisations, to the size and culture fit, there are several things you should be aware of before joining one.

Below are 5 key factors to help you make a more informed decision about where you choose to work within the aged care or disability space so you continue to love who you are and love what you do!


While not-for-profit companies tend to be larger and more well-known, they vary in the same way that private companies do. It is therefore worthwhile to look into any potential employer and see what they stand for, their values and priorities, and how they treat their employees and clients.

Private companies can sometimes receive a negative reputation as caring more about profits than people, but this is not always the case. Looking into a potential company will give you a good idea of what they are really about.

With private companies, you also have agencies and service providers. What you prefer will depend on what you are looking for. An agency may be more suited to someone looking for casual contracts or a person who already has a job and is looking for part-time work in the industry to supplement their main source of income. While a service provider will typically give you the chance to work closely with a smaller and more consistent group of clients, with more predictable hours and the option of permanent roles.


You may be drawn to a larger company as they tend to have more clients and therefore, more work. However, the risk in larger companies is that as an employee, you become treated like a number. A smaller company has the advantage of feeling like a closer-knit type of environment and where you are treated as an individual.

At Platinum we are a smaller company and so our staff get to know each other well, which creates a friendly and welcoming environment. It’s important to look for an employer who has high standards and a good reputation of taking care of its employees.


Most people do not want to join a company and then be stuck doing the same role for the rest of their working lives. Usually, they want to develop their skills and progress in their career. At Platinum Health we believe in giving our employees these opportunities, so we are very responsive when it comes to interviewing for new positions, and even if the applicant is unsuccessful, we provide detailed feedback which contributes to future growth.

We also aim to promote from within our existing employees where possible. If a team leader leaves then we will have a team member temporarily fill the role. And with the added responsibilities and chance to learn a new role, they receive recognition in their pay packet as we would never expect them to do that for free. This also gives them a chance to develop new skills. 

At Platinum Health we also prioritise training for our employees. Managing the on-boarding of new employees by ensuring they receive all appropriate training and that their qualifications are renewed as necessary is important to us, to ensure our workers have the support, qualifications, and skills that they need to fulfil their roles. This is not always the case in larger companies where they don’t take the same care to promote growth and progression within their ranks.


Many companies will say that they take care of their employees, but in this industry, some will focus primarily on client well-being, while neglecting the support workers who make that possible.

At Platinum Health we do a bi-monthly review with our clients to ensure they are happy, but we do this with our support workers as well. We believe that taking care of our employees will mean we are better able to take care of our clients, and this is a win for everybody. In some large companies, they lose the personal touch, and an employee can feel taken for granted. 

Regular social gatherings for the staff are also a priority as this helps build strong bonds and creates a positive work environment for all.


Everyone wants to feel that their work is valued, and that should be reflected in their pay. This is important because when people are well-paid, they feel appreciated and then give their best work.

Job security is important, as are the differing types of contracts available in support work. While some people prefer casual contracts and the flexibility that brings, others want the security and predictability of permanent employment. A good company will be flexible with the options it gives its employees and will have open communication with them to ensure they are getting what they need and feeling supported in the work they do.


Support work is an important role in our society, and should be properly supported, with appropriate remuneration, training, a positive work environment, and appreciation for the key work that these employees do.

At Platinum Health we provide a personalised environment, opportunities for growth, and flexibility for our employees so that they and our clients are happy.

If you would like to find out more about working with Platinum Healthcare Group, give us a call on (08) 9470 4075 to speak to one of our friendly team, today!