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Love What You Do, Master New Skills & Make A Life-changing Impact For Others - All While Being Financially Secure

The Search For Meaning

Finding meaning in what you do can be extremely challenging when you’re worried about entering a different workforce, having limited career options and just getting bills paid on time! 

The stress of meeting these “immediate needs” can cause you to feel like the only choice is to forget the pursuit of “meaning” and just settle for a less-than-fulfilling job or with a less-than-ideal company because there doesn’t seem to be anything better out there. 

This leads to feelings of resentment and of being ‘stuck’ in a job that doesn’t help you progress. 

And when the years have passed, this amounts to, at best, a life where bills were paid and, at worst, a life less-lived, filled with regret knowing you could’ve done so much more with the time you had.

Though simple, it is truly life changing to be involved with supporting someone.

Before Platinum, I did not have much experience working with vulnerable people.

Platinum Healthcare has allowed me to practice some of the skills that I have learned over the years. They also taught me that supporting others can be done in the most ordinary way such as washing dishes or making someone a cup of coffee each day. Though simple, it is truly life changing to be involved with supporting someone.

My quality of life has been better since joining Platinum Healthcare. Besides the fact that I got to practice my skills and relate to people in a more confident manner, it has led me to be more involved in people’s lives and learn to draw the best from others through my work. The work I do is well balanced and the jobs can constantly challenge me to strive better each day.

Amos Goh Support Worker & Nursing Student

I’ve gained independence, new skills and self esteem...

As a mature aged person looking for work, it was hard being knocked back from potential opportunities. I had years of not knowing what suited me and what I was good at. I really needed an industry that provided new training for me.

From the start of training I’ve gained independence, new skills and self esteem. I have the confidence to deal with any challenges that I face.

Having stable work and income allows me to feel safe. Being able to work flexible hours that suit me and my lifestyle ensures I still have time for my family.

I love going to clients knowing I’m making a difference in assisting in their care for them to stay in their own homes.

Lorin Pringle Support Worker

Platinum has reshaped my outlook on community healthcare...

Due to the inflexible nature of my nursing course, I ended up working at different places before my employment with Platinum Healthcare. Changing various jobs and the time I spent looking for other jobs affected my studies and my economic situation.

Platinum Healthcare provides flexibility, therefore it gave me the opportunity to choose my own availability and provided me as many shifts as I wanted within my availability. Platinum has also reshaped my outlook on community healthcare and provided me the inspiration to continue my venture in this field.

I have been working with Platinum Healthcare for almost 2 years and I can definitely say that my financial position has improved. I also get to take time off for studies and can maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Yes, I would recommend Platinum healthcare to others. As a student currently studying nursing, I
understand how difficult it can be to work and study at the same time. As I mentioned earlier, the
flexibility in shifts that Platinum Healthcare provides can ease pressure and at the same time provide
opportunity for us to earn to make a living.

Nima Support Worker & Nursing Student
Finding purpose

For many who have joined Platinum Healthcare Group and entered the aged care and disability support industry, they’ve decided enough is enough. They want a career but they also have a purpose to positively impact the lives of others. 

Whether you’re a parent needing flexible hours, a health professional or student wanting support worker experience or strongly yearn to make a positive career change, all of your needs can be met as a team member of Platinum Healthcare Group. 

Our vision of providing home care support with heart guides us to help our staff, just as much as they help their clients. This relationship and commitment to continued growth is what drives us to provide ongoing training and career advancement opportunities. This is done so team members feel valued as people, not just numbers.
Elderly client and caregiver outing

ARE YOU READY TO JOIN Platinum Healthcare?

It takes someone special to work in Platinum Healthcare’s community care team, but if you’re the right person you’ll get to join a great team in an organisation that cares about you.

Our promise
As a member of Platinum Healthcare Group, you will be part of a family-owned, boutique organisation which can help you achieve your life and career goals. Because we aren’t a large not-for-profit, we think outside the box to get the best outcome for you. 

You’ll also find that regular training and meetings ensure you don’t feel isolated from everyone else in the company. Again, a family-centred culture and a mission to be “at the heart of better home care” are what drive us to put you first. 

Join us on the journey

If this sounds like the type of organisation you want to start or continue a career in aged, disability or home care with, click on the link below to view our vacancies and complete an online application.
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